Products That Make Costpoint Even Better

We have products that enhance our customers back office performance with web services integration for Costpoint. These interfaces drastically reduce the amount of time and human error that occurs with manual activities, such as month-end accounting reconciliations and currency conversions.


InfotekBridge facilitates Costpoint 3rd party integrations by automating bidirectional data flow between your Costpoint instance and 3rd party vendors.


Infotek’s ccImport addresses Deltek’s compliance needs by providing customers with a way to safely and efficiently transfer Visa and Amex payment card transaction files directly into Costpoint.


Infotek’s DataMask will provide increased security for sensitive personal and business data by limiting access to your developers as they build out solutions. It utilizes thick app technology and is compatible with both Oracle and SQL.


Infotek’s DataWizard utilizes thick app technology and Costpoint web services to help streamline the loading of data. The result is faster processing and improved accuracy.


The OANDA-Costpoint suite is a proven solution for exchange rate needs of general ledger and expense management.

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