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Business Resource Solutions LLC

About: Business Resource Solutions (BRS), an Alabama Limited Liability Corporation, supplies key corporate services for startup to medium size companies. BRS focuses primarily in the areas of Human Resources, Accounting, and Contracts Administration support.  By providing these services, companies bypass the need to develop this infrastructure in house.

BRS has users in every time zone in the United States and in over 10 countries around the world working within 27 organizations.  BRS’ ERP is utilized across multiple companies and lines of business.

Challenge: BRS need find and implement a reporting system that would allow decentralized access to centralized information in order to meet their parent company’s Business Continuity Planning requirements. Prior to working with Infotek, BRS was using Cognos Impromptu and Impromptu Web Reports.

Solution: Needs assessment lead to recommendation and implementation of Deltek® Performance Management/Costpoint Enterprise Reporting (DPM/CER). Implemented as a centralized resource that is hosted and maintained by Infotek. Infotek also provided conversion of our existing Impromptu reports as well as comprehensive training to meet BRS’ customers’, employees’, and parent company’s requirements.

ResultsParent company’s requirements are met and BRS customers have assurance that systems are fully functional 24/7/365.  Use of Active Directory user security ensured that only users can access their company’s organizational data. The new system allows one report for multiple companies, with project level security and the ability to create the industry specific reports that produce data that is required on government contracts.

“Infotek had the skills and resources to complete our Deltek GCS premier to CostPoint 7 conversion on an accelerated schedule and on budget.”
Jonathan Rokita, Director of Technology,
“The Infotek team was excellent. On time and on budget they implemented a reporting system that allows decentralized access to centralized information, while meeting planning requirements and customers needs.”
Patrick Patterson, CEO,
Business Resource Solutions LLC



University Research Co., LLC Center for Human Services (URC-CHS)

About: University Research Co., LLC (URC) is a global company dedicated to improving the quality of health care, social services, and health education worldwide. URS and their  community-centered, non-profit affiliate, the Center for Human Services (CHS), offer technical assistance and manage projects in over 45 countries, including the United States.  The CHS focus is empowering communities and improving systems.

Challenge: Outgrown GCS and needed enhanced functionality including multi-company.

Solution: Needs assessment resulted in decision to Convert from GCS Premier to Costpoint 7. Infotek designed the system, data migration, testing, and implementation strategy and execution.

ResultsThis significant project covered all functions of the financial system, including payroll and timesheets. The project resulted in a successful conversion ahead of schedule and on budget.

Upon project completion URC-CHS had a consolidated view of multi-company, and the ability to deploy Costpoint to remote sites internationally as well as bill complicated contracts in Costpoint vs. manually tracking them outside the system.

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