Companies, especially small businesses, often need employees to wear multiple hats and perform business functions in multiple areas.  When assigning tasks and providing system access to staff management might not think about a potential conflict in the functions being assigned.  While it’s nice at times to have a jack of all trades it can also be an audit issue.

Segregation of controls is something that most people don’t think about or consider.  In fact, it’s not unusual to find that people might not be aware of what access could cause a potential conflict.  If strong segregation of controls are not in place, it could be identified as a find during an audit.  This can not only put the employee at risk but the company as well.   Limiting access and maintaining segregation is part of good business and accounting practices.  The question is, what creates or causes a problem with system access?  How do you protect yourself and your company?

If you are a Deltek Costpoint 7 user there’s an application that once configured can assist you in identifying potential conflicts that could create an issue with segregation of controls.  Infotek Consulting LLC. can review your current system security and user access, identify where there might be a potential risk and assist you and your company in establishing and maintaining strong, efficient segregation of controls that will help protect everyone.  For more information please contact us at