Every company is subject to audits. Government contractors have to deal with annual financial audits as well as audits conducted by various government organizations. No one enjoys audits, it’s no party that’s for sure. Audits create a lot of additional work and stress for staff. Then you receive the infamous, PBC list and begin your search to locate all of the items on the list. You are faced with locating the requested pieces of paper amongst boxes and file cabinets full of paper files.
We’ve all been there, either you can’t find a voucher and/or the back-up is missing from the A/P package, you can find every timesheet for an employee except for the one that auditors have requested. When you have employees who are heavy travelers, your AP files become overloaded with travel expense receipts and back up. While modern technology has excelled by leaps and bounds, many companies still have tons of paper files. And if you’re like most companies, the paper files seem to multiply over time and before you know it you have to rent a storage unit and pay to store paper.
Time and Expense 9 will not only provide a mechanism to track employee timesheets it also allows for receipts associated with an expense report to be stored on your companies server. TE9 provides an audit trail for all changes and actions associated with the timesheets and expense reports.
If you’re tired of spending endless hours trying to locate timesheets and business travel records TE9 could be the answer. It’s time to make a change and start using modern technology to not only record labor but also to process expenses associated with business travel. Let modern technology allow staff to spend more time processing costs and less time trying to locate paper files. Let us help you survive your next audit by implementing Time and Expense 9. For more information contact us at info@infotekconsulting.net .