We offer a set of seamlessly integrated technical service capabilities, including Costpoint upgrades, which helps our clients improve their business performance and achieve a higher ROI.

We help companies like yours meet all of the challenges faced in today’s government contracting market.

  • We offer affordable, specialized, and focused infrastructure maintenance of all types of business systems.
  • Our experienced consultants have helped over 200 clients successfully achieve their business goals on time and on budget.
  • Our technical maintenance plan offers an opportunity to reduce total cost of ownership by having our consultants maintain your systems, freeing up valuable internal IT resources which can be used for more important corporate requirements.

Managed Services/ IT support

  • Reduces the cost of time and management of mission critical business applications by internal IT staff.
  • Experienced technical consultants maintain and support Deltek® ERP application/s.
  • Customized training and development of internal resources/processes to ensure that your applications continue to run properly and optimally.
  • Plan for software and hardware upgrades with input at all levels of the decision process.
  • Secure regularly scheduled technical visits rather than having to wait for availability in installing new user’s workstations, setting up users for remote access, or just addressing workstations that are slow/won’t print/etc.
  • Immediate direct and remote access to technical support from experienced consultants.
  • Custom System Administrator Training and documentation for Internal IT resources.
  • Help with designing and deploying disaster recovery solutions.

We are Deltek Experts

  • Deltek® Costpoint Upgrade: Deltek® Costpoint 7 is the latest release from Deltek®. This release offers technical enhancements including n-tier architecture, SQL Server 2012 and Oracle 11G support, and many other capabilities

Deltek Costpoint 7 Upgrades

  • Requirements gathering and architecting Costpoint deployment.
  • Planning, designing, and building Test and Production Environment Upgrade using best practice delivery methodology with your internal IT staff.
  • Costpoint 7 patch deployment training, troubleshooting, and system administration tasks.
  • Scheduling maintenance of daily/weekly/monthly processes to ensure that applications run properly and optimally.
  • Assistance/generation of documentation for IT audit and compliance.
  • Support go-live environment on-site or remotely.
  • Assistance in performance tuning of Costpoint on a single or cluster configuration.
  • Securing of Costpoint 7 deployment via SSL, LDAP, and/or password encryption.
  • Design, deploy and validate disaster recovery solutions.

Database Conversion

  • GCS Premier to CP: One of the first Deltek® partner to convert from GCS Premier to Costpoint 7.0 (ask us how we converted 9GCS databases to 1 Costpoint instance!)
  • Other ERP’s:  Spectrum to Costpoint, Deltek® Vision to Costpoint, Microsoft® Dynamics to Costpoint
  • Platform Conversion: Oracle to SQL Server or SQL Server to Oracle

Database Consolidation

  • Consolidation of multiple organizations into single
  • Changing company structure
  • Adding or removing companies/orgs

Development Services

  • .Net Interfaces: Ask us how ADP used our services to build four compliance solutions.
  • PL/SQL, T/SQL: Custom triggers, stored procedures to meet your business requirements
  • Other languages: J2EE, C#, J#, JSQUERY, and much more

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