Throughout the years we have expanded our service offerings to make us more than just your traditional system implementer. Our goal is to build long term relationships with our clients and the only way to accomplish this is by staying ahead of industry trends.

We also provide cybersecurity services, with our subject matter experts delivering key security support for technologies, tools, and platforms for project-based engagements and ongoing security maintenance. We offer a variety of cybersecurity assessments that include risk assessments and penetration testing. We also help organizations with compliance needs.


  • Get immediate direct and remote access to technical support from experienced consultants that can help with a variety of issues including software/hardware upgrades and maintaining Deltek ERP applications
  • Reduce the cost of time and management of mission critical business applications by internal IT staff
  • Have customized training and development for internal resources including System Administrator Training and IT documentation
  • Secure regularly scheduled technical visits rather than having to wait for availability when installing new user workstations, setting up users for remote access, or just addressing workstations that are slow/won’t print/etc.
  • Get help designing and deploying disaster recovery solutions


Protect your business. Know you’re secure and prove you’re compliant.

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks and is made up of people, process and technology. The intent of a cyberattack is usually to access, edit, or destroy sensitive information with the purpose of interrupting or stopping normal business processes, as well as and at times to extort money.

With the growth in cyberattacks and data breaches costing business and the public sector billions every year, cybersecurity needs to be a top priority for businesses today. 

We help you simplify the complexity of security and compliance in order to understand and effectively manage your information security risk.


“While working with Infotek, Bristol Bay Shared Services has been able to grow their workforce from 1,400 employees to over 2,300 employees making us more scalable and successful organization.”

Patrick Peterson


How We Do It

It’s an all too frequent occurrence that CFOs and CTOs are surprised by the holes in a company’s user security, such as data entry clerks having full access to control and configuration screens, or access to employee salary and personnel data when no need exists. Infotek reviews your current system security and user access, identifies where there might be a potential risk, and helps you establish and maintain strong, efficient, segregation of controls that will help protect everyone.

Bristol Bay Shared Services

As the Trajectory Steepened

Bristol Bay Shared Services back office platform was very complex and required expertise in a multitude of applications and solutions.  Their trajectory mandates an ongoing effort to improve IT functionality to grow their business and meet the demands of their customers.

Why We Do It Best

We offer affordable, specialized, and focused infrastructure maintenance for all types of business systems. Our experienced consultants have helped hundreds of clients successfully achieve their business goals on time and on budget. Our technical maintenance plans offer an opportunity to reduce the total cost of ownership by having our consultants maintain your systems, freeing up valuable internal IT resources which can be used for more important corporate requirements.