Many businesses invest in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to boost the efficiency and productivity of operations. But is high cost of ownership negating the ROI of your Deltek® ERP solution?

Reduce the burden of upkeep tasks and maintenance costs with Infotek’s expert Technical Maintenance Plan. As a Deltek® Premier Partner, our experienced technical consultants are equipped to maintain and provide IT support for your applications software and the hardware systems it runs on—optimizing performance while reducing downtime for your team.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced cost of time and management of mission-critical business applications by internal IT staff specializing in Deltek® ERP.
  • Expert technical support on software and hardware upgrades, integrations, security, disaster recovery planning, internal resources/processes, and more.
  • Ongoing monitoring of application and database performance, and tuning as necessary.
  • Proactive, regularly scheduled technical visits and direct access to prompt technical and remote access support from consultants familiar with your environment.


”Infotek has helped my company boost efficiency and reduce costs while offering expert technical support. The IT support offered by Infotek is unparalleled in our industry.”

Mustasim Abdalla

CEO, Microfinance of Eastern Corporations

How We Do It

We understand that each organization has its own unique business challenges. That’s why we assign a dedicated technical consultant committed to understanding and helping you meet these challenges head on to improve business performance.

Providing you with priority support, this experienced technical consultant will kick off the engagement with a site assessment to ensure that your ERP, O/S, and hardware are properly configured and running in a stable manner. If problems are discovered, they’ll work with you in resolving those issues.

Once the issues have been resolved, the Infotek technical consultant will make scheduled monthly visits to supplement your internal IT staff and maintain the systems and supporting applications. They’ll also be on call to quickly respond to ad hoc technical support requests remotely or onsite, and can provide expert consulting on system decisions and trainings.

Bristol Bay

As the Trajectory Steepened

Bristol Bay Shared Services back office platform was very complex and required expertise in a multitude of applications and solutions. Their trajectory mandated an ongoing effort to improve IT functionality to grow their business and meet the demands of their customers.

Why We Do It Best

Backed by more than 20 years experience working with Deltek products®, Infotek’s Technical Maintenance team understands firsthand the changing demand of ERP and implementation and support services. We’ve tailored our maintenance plan offering accordingly—ultimately ensuring our service will maximize the return on your ERP investment. 

From mitigating the burden of upkeep on your internal IT staff to improving the performance of your applications so your users can work with a responsive and optimal system, Infotek is committed to your business’ success.