If you typically process a high volume of accounts payable vouchers, journal entries or other transactions in a given month, setting up a default period may make sense for you. It will save key strokes and speed data entry.

The easiest method to set this up is to selecting the “Options” item from the drop down menu located at the top of your screen, and then select “User Preference”, the Configure User Preference screen will now be displayed. From here select the “Change Default Period” link, located in center right of the screen. Costpoint lists 41 modules that are available for period data entry defaulting. Only select the modules that you desire defaulting for and enter a year, period and sub-period, then save the record. You will have to log out and back into Costpoint for the new default period to become activated.

One warning is that we stay cognizant of the period being defaulted onto the transaction screen when multiple periods are open at the same time, since transactions will frequently belong to a different period than the default. Also remember to change the default when the majority of transactions are shifting to the next period.

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