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Deltek deployment:

Infotek provides technical services in deploying Costpoint and T&E clusters in Dev, Stage, and Production on 30+ servers. Infotek also enables SQL Server Always-On technology to provide high-availability for Deltek applications

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Deltek Insight 2014 a success:

Deltek Insight 2014 was a huge success for Infotek sponsorship second year in a row. We presented two sessions: GC-930 Tips and Techniques TE9 and GCPS-80 Track, Trace, and Secure your audit trail which helped Deltek clients to effectively use their Costpoint and T&E systems.

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Costpoint 7 Security:

Infotek audit and secures Costpoint 7 cluster for a large ANC. From security network layer, app, and web layers using AES and SSL encryption.

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Costpoint 7 Cluster:

Infotek deploys Costpoint 9 cluster using 6 Nodes as Admin, 4 Nodes, 1 dedicated Job server, and 2 IIS web servers. The shared services client is able to achieve 99.5%+ up-time for it's 24 divisions to report its consolidated financial statements to the parent company in a timely manner.

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Costpoint to GEP integration:

Infotek develops Costpoint to GEP (Third-Party) AP system using Deltek Web Services under budget and on time.

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ADP Smart Compliance for Costpoint 7

ADP® selects Infotek Consulting LLC. to develop Smart Compliance interface for Deltek® Costpoint 7. To learn more about Smart Compliance please visit: http://www.adp.com/solutions/employer-services/smartcompliance/capabilities.aspx

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Data Conversion:

Infotek helps convert Deltek® Vision to Deltek® Costpoint.

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Costpoint Upgrade Services:

Infotek assists 70+ clients in 2013 to upgrade from Costpoint 6.1 SP2, T&E 8.x to 9.x, and Costpoint Enterprise Reporting to 7.x. Our unique and end-to-end implementation methodology delivers a 100% success rate. Please contact us for more details.

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Technical Expertise:

Infotek principal consultants architects and assist with implementing Costpoint, TE, IBM Cognos BI and TM1 environments for a 6000+ employees Federal Contractor in Arlington, VA.

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Server Consolidation:

Infotek helps consolidate a government contractor Deltek® servers from 8 to 2 physical servers using VMWare®.

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